Monday, September 14, 2009

Copic Marker Classes & Clubs

Sign ups begin tomorrow, Sept. 15th for our Copic Club and Copic Marker Color Class!

Copic Marker Club
We are happy to announce that a new Copic Club will be starting in October 2009. We have had these fantastic tools in the store for quite awhile now, but word about them continues to spread. The club is a great way to build your maker collection and learn the basic techniques for using them. Sign ups for this session will begin on September 15th and the first club meeting will be on October 14th. (correction made from Newsletter) The last club we offered filled in just three days, so be sure to sign up fast if you want a spot.

In case you missed the details before, here they are again...

The new club will begin October 2009 and end in March 2010.
This club will meet the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

How much does it cost?
$40 per month for six months

What do I get?

Each month you will receive five Copic Sketch Markers. The colors are pre-determined based on the techniques you will be learning in the free club class offered each month. This class is only open to Copic Maker Club members. Club members will also receive a special folder for all their color charts, handouts and materials.

What happens if I can't attend the class that month?

If for some reason you are unable to attend the free club class of the month, you will still receive your markers as well as any handout information we provide the members at class that month. You may pick up your markers on or after the class date. I am currently looking into a way to make the lessons available online as well using videos or picture posts.

What is covered in class?

The free club classes provide hands on experience with your new markers from a Certified Copic Designer. These markers are wonderful tools when they are used properly and over the course of six months, they will become an invaluable tool in your arsenal. These classes are technique and not project based classes. So, although you will not be walking away with a full finished card or page, you will be walking away with lots and lots of knowledge and experience.
What's the difference between the Copic Marker Basics class and the free club class?
Besides the fact that the club class is free and only open to members, it is also includes more advanced material over the months as opposed to the Copic Marker Basics class. Also, the Copic Markers Basics class uses our store markers. Thus, the hands on experience is not as thorough as the Club Class. The Copic Markers Basics class is meant to get you started with Copics and for people who are on the fence about purchasing them at all.

How do I pay for the club?
The Copic Marker Club is $40 per month. The first month is pre-paid when you register. After that, the additional months are charged to the credit card you provide on the date of class each month.

When will the next club begin if I can't attend now?
If there are enough people to form another group, we may consider running two clubs from October to March. Please put your name on the waiting list if you are unable to sign up before the class fills.

Call or stop in the store to register.

Copic Marker Color Class
If you attended any of our previous Copic Clubs or Boot Camps and just couldn't get enough, then have we got good news for you! Starting in October, you can hang out with Simone, learn advanced techniques (like skin tones, coloring water in vases, etc.) and get some new markers. This marker is geared toward people who already own a few markers and want to continue in the progress they are already making with them and move beyond the basics.
This is a month-to-month class, so you pay as you go.

* Each class includes three sketch markers in brand new colors never before sold at Craft Fancy.
* The colors will be seasonal and we will be working with brand new stamps ordered just for our coloring pleasure.
* This class will meet the 4th Wednesday of every month beginning October 28th.
* Fee for this class is $25

Can I attend this class if I wasn't in the Copic Club or class before?
Sure, this class is open to anyone who already owns Copic Marker and already understands all the basics including the Copic labeling system and blending.

I always wanted to use Copic Markers but never have, can I come to the class?
To get started with Copic, I recommend starting with either the Copic Club or Copic Basics. The Basics needed to successfully use the markers will not be covered in these classes, we will be working beyond the Copic Marker Basics and attempting to color much more challenging images.

What do I need to bring to class?
Your Markers!!
That's about it. We will be using your existing markers and the markers you receive in the class to color the images of the month.

October will focus on oranges and fall colors. The first Copic Marker Color Class will be held on October 28th. I suspect this class will also fill quickly, so act fast!

Any questions about these classes, please call the store at 847-670-6065.

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