Friday, August 15, 2008

Vintage Chic!

Playtimes Past Collection from Graphic45 is now here.
There are some very versatile paper designs in this line that would be great for kid pages, cards galore, Christmas projects and even some kitchen novelties.


Nancy said...

Even though I don't live anywhere near your store, I love reading your blog... you see, I work at a 7 month old scrapbooking store in Calgary Alberta Canada ( and so much is similar... we have the same racks as you guys, we just got in our Graphic 45.... you guys are lucky.... your store is about half again as big as ours.... sniff sniff

stampylisa said...

Just stop it. Stop getting in stuff that I must buy. I know that's the point, but c'mon now, does the madness ever end?

chelemom said...

oh why oh why must you be so far away!!! Your killing me over here!